ICEBERG _ the giant

Climate changes are in summer time bringing I C E B E R G the giant, the mystic creature who is lonely and lost in the wast landscape. It has some parts visible and some hidden somewhere deep in the ocean where its heart was lost. Sometimes it breaks. 

The installation emphasis the value of trust and follows steps of group gaining mutual trust (on distance) and with this creating a space to melt down the giant iceberg. The Iceberg is a metaphor for the conscious and subconscious parts of human functioning (what we initiate and how it can develop throughout the process of consciousness). 

Iceberg is raising awareness of plastics and, through the metaphor and stories about it, offers an entry into current topics of ecology and mutual trust. The project has already been presented internationally in Zagreb and has its roots in the work of Ajda Tomazin with the research study Net in Work in Frankfurt, Germany.

concept + direction + choreography + visual design: Ajda Tomazin

co-creation + dance: Nina Pertot Weis, Kristina Rozman

sound design: Iztok Drabik Jug

texts: excerpts from Zobornik naravoslovne poezije Zadna vaja, Layerjeva založba 2020 

production: Ajda Tomazin and OPEN DRAWERS, Institute of contemporary interdisciplinary processes Kranj with support of Municipality of Kranj

coproducers in Kranj: KD Qulenium, Institute Carnica (Layere house) 

coproducer in Ljubljana: Dance Theatre Ljubljana

pre-premiere >>          14..6.2020 at 20h,  Festival Ukrep, Ljubljana

premiere >>                 26.6. at 20h Festival KALEJDOSKOP  & festivala B I E N 2 0 2 0, Kranj

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