THE FLOCK OF EXPERIENCED BIRDS _ social choreography in III. period of life

photo: Maša Pirc

THE FLOCK OF EXPERIENCED BIRDS _ social choreography in III. period of life takes the viewer along a pre-drawn path through the city with headphones that can be overflowed with the visual colours of the city’s landscapes. It expands views into the memory of all participants and creates a unique story of city. The first-person narrative, with its heavy subjectivity, expands on the many things of the perceptions of individual places in the city, and thus, with the sensitivity of spreading the conversation about change, passing, memories, many, interdependence and connectedness. Even though the views are intimate, are so unique that the common can indirectly recognise themselves in them as well as announce the beauty of the mutual differences in our own vulnerability. The project has long term plans to create sustainable environment, programme and content for new generations of elderly.

The research performance conceptualised by Ajda Tomazin is based on the therm of social choreography by Andrew Hewitt, and it is in particular focusing on social choreography  in 3rd period of life by working and involving elderly groups into the methodologies and processes of contemporary arts – focusing on movement and visual arts. Research has origins in 2017, and was founded by Ministry of culture of Slovenia in year 2018. 


Collaborators: Ajda Tomazin, Rok Kravanja, Iztok Drabik Jug, Jasmina Založnik, Zala Orel, Nena Škerlj, Katarina Vidic Čorović, Jože Bizovičar

The flock: Nika Rožej, Vladka Matijevec, Jasna Vitez, Vera-Verinika Planinšek, Lidija Tolič, Polonca Tomazin in Zlata Marn

Production: Ajda Tomazin (Odprti predali) // Coproducers: Zavod Carnica, Ljudska universe Kranj, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj, Mestna občina Kranj, Ministrstvo za kulturo, Zavod O, Loški oder

📣 :: The project THE FLOCK OF EXPERIENCED BIRDS was selected as a finalist for the award
Amateo – for projects which have profound impact on their communities across Europe. ::

JUNE  2020   >> 18th at 19 p.m. REPRISE @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj

NOVEMBER  >> 21th at 19 p.m. DISCOURSE @Nova Pošta, Ljubljana 

OCTOBER     >> 4th at 4 p.m. PREMIERE @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
   4th at 7 p.m. REPRISE @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
   5th at 4 p.m. REPRISE @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
   5th at 7 p.m. REPRISE @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
SEPTEMBER  >> 10.9. – 30.9. 2019 @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
JUNE >> 4.6., 6.6., 11.6., 13.6.2019 @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
MAY >> 9.5., 14.5., 16.5., 28.5., 30.5.2019 @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj
APRIL >> 9.4., 11.4., 16.4., 18.4., 23.4., 25.4.2019 @Stolpu Škrlovec, Kranj

20.2. 2019 >> WORKSHOP @ ODPRTI PREDALI  >> retrospective exhibition of interdisciplinary art pieces _ (solo exhibition)

2017-2018 >> RESEARCH supported with scholarship


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